Don Stivers

Don Stivers, American (1929 - 2009) 


Don Stivers' interest in art began during childhood as he copied newspaper comics in his hometown of Superior, Wisconsin. He did portraits of friends in school and during two years of service in the U.S. Navy. His formal art training began at what is now the California College of the Arts in Oakland. He started his professional career as have many of America's finest artists in the commercial art field, and spent 15 years at it on the West Coast until moving his family to the East. It was a decision that was to prove monumental in his career.

Following a natural inclination towards American History as a subject for fine art, Don, in the 1970's, began a series of paintings on the Westward Expansion. In 1984 he began painting Civil War subjects. With the help of professional historians and driven by his own desire to know the most intricate visual details of the subjects he portrays, he has created some of the most remarkable military art of this century.His focus on the Buffalo Soldier, beginning with Tracking Victorio in 1988 shone light on a subject that had rarely been chronicled in military art before. The Buffalo Soldier prints ignited such an overwhelmingly positive response that very often his limited editions were sold out within hours of their release.