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Ignor Smirnov

Ignor Smirnov, Russian


Ignor Smirnov was born on 6 July 1944 in Moscow. He spent his childhood on the streets around the Arbat and on Gogol boulevard. He studied at Moscow and Leningrad art schools. He graduated from Moscow Art College. Since 1970, he has painted canvasses, and worked as mosaic layer, interior designer, as well as caricaturist and illustrator for various newspapers, magazines and books.


He is a member of the Moscow Union of Artist and the International Federation of Artists (IFA), and, the Moscow Union of Journalists. He is an Academician of the International Academy for Culture under the Fund for peoples Diplomacy, and Academician of the French Caricaturists Academy. He is listed in the Dictionary of International Biography. and the International Who’s Who of Intellectuals, both published by the Cambridge International Biographical Center.


Since 1971, he has taken part in more than 250 exhibitions in Russia and other countries. Including Canada, USA, Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Holland, England, Belgium, Germany, France, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Spain, Australia, the Philippines, and Japan. His works of art displayed in museums, art galleries and individual collection in these countries.



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