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Carolos Sanchez

Carlos Sanchez, Columbian


Sanchez was born in Columbia and raised in Venezuela during his teen years. he comes from a family that possess a strong appreciation for art. He earned his Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts & Design in Venezuela and quickly developed a distinctive style. His drawings and paintings soon began receiving a strong appreciation and following, while selling in galleries in South America.


In his early twenties, Sanchez moved to California where he earned his Master of Fine Arts Degree at California Institute of Arts. His first originals began selling in galleries in Los Angeles and San Francisco. He divides his time by working in his studio back home in Venezuela as well as in California and Florida.


His own unique style has developed as a result observing and studying the works of old masters and modern abstract painters in his travels throughout Europe’s most important museums.


His paintings of abstract landscapes are created in his mind with rich combination of color and texture and a peaceful, serene composition of color and light.


His works are admired internationally in private and corporate collections and galleries around the world and they continue to grow in exhibits in America.





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