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Marie Parham

Marie Parham, Bahamian (1956 - Alive) 


Marie Parham was born and raised on the beautiful island of Nassau, Bahamas. Creativity is a common thread throughout her family as Marie entered the enchanting world of art at an early age. Her father's still-life drawings and skillful photography ignited the passion in her allowing Marie to express herself through charcoal sketchings and painting. Her favorite medium of choice is acrylics.


Growing up in the Bahamas gave Marie a foundation to explore her love for art and design, which she portrays through the vibrant colors in her work. In 1985, Marie married and moved to Boston, Massachusetts. After several years in the United States, her family was afforded the opportunity to live abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Lima, Peru. This cultural experience was enlightening and also influential in reigniting her passion for painting.


Undoubtedly, the support and love she receives from her husband and three children keep her motivated to continue her creative journey through the art world.

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