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Jin G. Kam

Jin G. Kam, Chinese


"Every color filled stroke is like a note in a melody,

each with its own distinct personality or feeling,

coming together to form a beautiful harmony." 

 - Jin G. Kam


Jin G. Kam's paintings has images that encompass his admiration and personal connection to music. His breathtaking color combinations united with bold brushstrokes evokes a sense of elation and melancholy. Upon viewing the images, one cannot escape the passion that explodes from his paintings. The strength placed in each stroke and the intensities of colors allow Kam to convey a true intimate look into the subjects portrayed in his paintings. In his paintings, he reveals to the viewer a deeper understanding of the subject’s soul.


Born in 1953 in Shanghai, China, Jin G. Kam grew up in the midst of the social upheaval caused by the Cultural Revolution. It was a time of cultural oppression whereby the country was closed off to foreign influences. Western arts and ideologies were strictly prohibited. Despite these obstacles, Kam never gave up on his passion for art. 1976, the death of Mao Zedong ended the Cultural Revolution and ushered in a new Chinese regime. The prestigious Zhejiang Academy of Fine Art in Hangzhou, known for teaching Western styles along with traditional Chinese painting methods, was reopened. Kam's artistic talent earned him admission as one of only five students accepted out of 20,000 applicants. During this time, he immersed himself in the new music and contemporary art that was emerging from the west. He discovered 20th Century American artists such as Morris Louis, Rothko, DeKooning, Pollack, and Kline. The spectrum of colors bursting from the images created by these innovative artists mesmerized his eyes and inspired his mind to further explore the world of art.


After receiving his degree in fine arts, Kam was invited to teach at the Shanghai University of Fine Art. He immigrated to America to pursue his graduate studies at the United States International University, San Diego, California in 1989. It is in America where he delved into a deep exploration of Jazz and Blues music. The alluring nature of Jazz and the expressive quality of the Blues drew him into its grasp. Kam has created magnificent images of legendary jazz and blues artists such as Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker and Miles Davis. In each painting, he captures the mood of the moment and essence of the artists.


Since introducing his art to the art scene, Kam's paintings has established wide acclaim both nationally and internationally. He has participated in exhibitions across the United States, Europe, and Asia. His works belong in several permanent collections such as the Steinway and Sons and the Charlie Parker Museum. His magnificent artworks have brought special affiliations with the Miles Davis Estate, Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation, and the Leonard Bernstein Education Through the Arts Fund.


Kam has also been commissioned to paint series of tributes to honor the memory of Billie Holiday and Charlie Parker and was a specially commissioned artist to honor Lena Horne to benefit the Society of Singers at Lincoln Center. Jin G. Kam's unique sensibility to interpreting musical performances is unsurpassed. His enduring passion and extensive knowledge of music allows him to continue to create extraordinary imagery. The art of Jin G. Kam is timeless and forever, possessing the qualities of strength, charisma, and charm.

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