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Albert Fennell

Albert Fennell, American (1950-2002)


Spending my early years to investigate life and its effect on humanity,

I believe every person has a purpose and is destined to fulfill it.

Through my work I strive to create a communication level with all people,

dealing with truth, pride and beauty.

I thank God for the talent given me...and the opportunity to present it to you.' 

Fennell's artistic talents became apparent by the age of five...drawing his favorite cartoon characters. As a sixth grader, his landscape picture was selected in a district-wide competition and exhibited in the San Diego Museum of Art. This was destined to be the first of many notable accomplishments, public acclaim and significant achievements received by Fennell. 

In high school, he distinguished himself in track and field. He received public acclaim and acknowledgment for athletic excellence and continued his track and field achievement throughout college. He was the South Coast Conference Champion in the 440 yard dash and distinguished himself as a member of the Mile Relay Team. 

A major portion of his military service was aboard the renowned U.S.S. Ticonderoga. He had the opportunity to participate in the Sky Lab II Space Capsule recovery before receiving an honorable discharge. 

In the early 1970's, during college art classes, Fennell was introduced to the Rapidograph pen. His natural design abilities created a genuine flair for this medium and he began developing his recognizable pen and ink style. 

In the late 1980's, his skill and familiarity with the pen and ink medium continued to grow. It evolved and developed naturally into the refined, free-flowing, elongated style for which he became recognized and celebrated. His increasing knowledge and appreciation for other mediums served to strengthen his artist expression. 

The foundation of his artistic career path continued its formation throughout his college years. During this time, he met his future wife and business partner, Shanna. A few years after marriage, they began concentrating on business opportunities and the vision which helped define his artistic impact and eventual legacy. They traveled extensively throughout the United States exhibiting and promoting Albert's creative talents. 

During the 1990's, Fennell was a featured artist at the prestigious New York International Art Expo with a major art publisher and at the Galleria with a different, up and coming art publisher. 

A few of his selected accomplishments were: 1. Selection as an African American Role Model (in art) by the 'San Diego Museum of Art'; 2. receiving national recognition and publication in the 'Artist Market' for his illustration for the San Diego Repertory Theater's production of 'A Christmas Carol'; 3. Albert's art graced the cover of several books and his art was selected for several popular television sitcoms...and his list of achievements continues. 

At the time of his passing, Albert was one of the more recognizable, popular and celebrated artists in his field. He mentored several young artists, including his daughter, Simone. His artistic legacy continues to receive national acclaim while the value and demand of his artwork has steadily increased. Shanna, and their daughter, Simone, continue to promote his artistic legacy. 


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