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Colin Maxwell Parsons





Colin Maxwell Parsons, English


English artist, Colin Maxwell Parsons beckons us to take in the beauty and grandeur of the European countryside. As we let our imagination wander through lush landscapes that lie beneath skies infused with light-filled color, we hope to join the genteel society of a bygone era that resides there. Parsons takes our daydreams of nature at its most serene, and captures it with exquisite detail onto canvas. Parsons is considered to be one of the finest contemporary landscape artists in Europe.


He has staged one-man exhibitions in the United States, Australia, and the Channel Islands. His first exhibition in the Channel Islands in 1983 prompted this quote from a visiting art critic regarding his painting entitled "Evening Poppies":


"A professional, suffused, atmospheric study after Pissaro with more than a passing glance at Turner. This would not look out of place in one of the major galleries. A period piece which rises into a different category, having been painted with an almost dry brush technique, except for the juicy sky. A brushwork like most paintings before this century, it appears meticulous from a distance, but becomes much freer on inspection. A most beautiful painting."


Colin Maxwell Parsons was born in Birmingham, England in 1936 and became a professional artist in 1969. Prior to devoting all of his efforts into art, Parsons worked as an engineer with the British army, where he was called to serve with the infantry in Egypt, Cyprus and Northern Ireland.


Thereafter, he lived in the Channel Islands for several years where he was the driving force behind the establishment of the Guernsey Guild of Creative Art. He later moved to California for a time, where his landscape paintings became very collectible. He now divides his time between England and the United States but still travels extensively for inspiration, exhibitions and promotions.


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