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Antonio Di Viccaro





Antonio Di Viccaro, Italian


Antonio Di Viccaro was born in Castelforte of Latina in 1935. His personal exhibitions began in 1957 in San Giovanni Valdarno (Florence) and were a continual and flattering success. Mr. Di Viccaro has received international acclaim from numerous art critics and his works appear in private collections all over the world. Looking at Mr. Di Viccaro’s work is a breath of fresh air. His paintings show a freshness typical of a palette knife technique, rich in colors and movement. Through his enchanted landscapes, in the warmth of his light blues, emerald greens, sweet pinks and hot reds, we can reach a symbolic oasis during a sultry day. Mr. Di Viccaro’s spatula moves in wide and soft chromatism, creating places our fantasy loves and which invite us to escape from the cities to refuge ourselves in a comfortable way down to the sea or to a secluded hovel surrounded by nature

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