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Diane Anderson

Diane Anderson, American


Nature's beauty in all its tranquility is captured with the intensity of watercolors by Diane Anderson. Traditional watercolors are more water than color, but not Anderson's. Although she uses transparent colors, they are juxtaposed next to opaque layers of brilliance. Her work is an exemplary study in contrast, with warm colors that blend into cool tones or crisp detail that flows into "lost and found edges".


For over two decades, this unique contemporary watercolorist has explored and studied innovative, creative applications for her medium of preference. Since deciding to pursue a full-time career as an artist in 1978, the Chicago-born artist has exhibited extensively in New York, South Florida and throughout the United States in various shows.


The daughter of a commercial artist, Anderson's inclination towards art began at an early age. This self-taught artist is an implicit reflection of her superior discipline. Her routine includes painting every morning for four hours and then again in the evening for another five hours.


"I'm aiming for maximum intensity with watercolor," said Anderson about her painting technique. "I'm not interested in maintaining the transparency of the medium, but rather texturing, creating opacity, and building body...striving to recreate that special moment in time when I was awed with nature's beauty and filled with tranquility".


A charter member of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Anderson's watercolors hang in private collections in 43 states and three Canadian provinces. She resides in the rolling woodlands of northeastern Ohio, where she continues to draw inspiration from her hiking excursions.

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