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Gevorg Yeghiazarian

Gevorg Yeghiazarian, Armenian


Gevorg Yeghiazarian was born in Armenia in 1963. He began his studies at the Panos Terlemezian Art School and Fine Arts Institute in Yerevan. Subsequently, he attended the St. Petersburg Repin Academy of Art. In 1994, he became a member of the "Union of Artists" of Armenia, and in 1998 he became a member of the International Association of Arts (UNESCO).


Gevorg combines his sensitive inner world with his surrounding reality; hence, moody melancholic works which reveal the artist's complex meditations. His paintings are marked with poetic lyricism, and the uncertain boundary between actuality and the imaginary. There is an interdependence of light and color which is dominated by contrasts of space and substance, rest and strain, and transparency and opaqueness of colors. Characterized by self-isolation and a profound concentration of thought and emotions, Gevorg is a unique and extraordinary artist. In whatever medium he chooses; oil, ceramics, prints, or sculpture, his works are an expression of utter enchantment, mystery and the eternal.




1987-1992 Armenian Art Exhibitions in Giumri  Yerevan, St. Petersburg

1992  Modern Armenian Art Exhibition  Jerusalem, Israel

1994  Armenian Art Exhibition  Paris, France

1997  Post Soviet Painting  Buenos Aires, Argentina

1998  Russian Impressionism Principle Gallery

2000, 2001 International ARTEXPO




1995  International Art Center  Beirut, Lebanon

1996  Artist's House Gallery  Jerusalem, Israel

1997  Donkersloot Art Gallery  Amsterdam, Netherlands

1998  First Armenian Church Hall  Boston, Massachusetts


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