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Miroslav Lovric

Miroslav Lovric, Bosnian


Lovric received his training in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts, Sarajevo, Bosnia.  He has exhibited his paintings in numerous solo and group shows throughout Europe and has shown extensively in the former Yugoslavia.  Painter and educator, Lovric taught art to elementary and high school students for thirteen years.

In 1993 Lovric and his wife Yasena fled the war in Bosnia and settled in Germany.  There he painted and exhibited his work until 1996. In 1997 they relocated to New York City where his brother had settled.  There, his paintings were shown at the Andrew Kolb & Son Art Gallery.  Lovric moved to Portland in March of 2001 and obtained employment as a security guard at the Portland Art Museum.  This exhibition will be Miroslav Lovric's first solo show in Portland.


Miroslav Lovric works in the Eastern European idiom if symbolistic reference.  Lovric paints with a traditional Eastern European technique, but paints from his  "Inner Eye" to compose the imagery associated with his work.  "The eye perceived figures, symbols and impressions as one mystical and unforeseeable Universe, in which our existence can only be experienced, but never fully understood."

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