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Elizabeth Reday

Elizabeth Reday


Artist Liz Reday holds a Master's Degree from the Royal College of Art, London. 

Reday spent her childhood in rural Japan before moving to Southern California. Her first solo show was in Newport Beach, after winning awards for her artwork in high school and a summer scholarship to Academy Art in San Francisco. Attending UC Irvine, her instructor was David Hockney, who suggested she study art in England. After a summer in Positano, Italy, Reday studied printmaking at Central School of Art, London, and went on to get an MFA from the Royal College of Art. During that time, Reday exhibited in numerous group shows in the U.K. and Europe, ending her sojourn with a solo show at the Langton Gallery in Chelsea, London. 

Back in California, Reday continues with printmaking at the Workshop i.e. in Santa Monica, CA, represented by a network of art publishers and galleries all over the U.S. The successful sales of her etchings and monotypes throughout the eighties allowed her to move to a bigger studio on the Eastside of L.A., where she was influenced by the history of plein air landscape painting. She began larger paintings, mixed media and a family. Between 1999 and 2000, Reday exhibited in six solo shows across Japan with Galerie Enatsu. 

A solo show of local landscape at the SoPas Gallery in 2007 pushed Reday down to the L.A. River, sketching the city’s historic bridges and grungy freeway interchanges. Starting with small studies painted on the spot near industrial parts of the river, Reday began to explore the collision of nature, urban architecture and graffiti culture. The dark tunnels and homeless encampments on the wrong side of the tracks convey a slight whiff of danger, giving the work an edgy energy. These paintings were first shown with the South Pasadena Arts Council Gallery, then to the SoPas Gallery for a second solo show in 2010, after which Reday joined the Fremont Gallery where she has been exhibiting ever since. A new show of Los Angeles paintings by Reday and two other artists will open September 14, 2013. 


1999–2000    Six solo shows in Japan including Tokyo & Osaka sponsored by Galerie Enatsu
2007    Solo show: "Visions" SoPas Gallery, South Pasadena CA
2010    Solo show: "Liz Reday" at SoPas Gallery, South Pasadena, CA

Fremont Gallery
2010    Large L.A. River Paintings (Sept.)
2011    "Small Work" and "Fifteen Graces" (group)
2012    “Fremont Florals” 30 mixed media works (May)
2012    "Space in Color" (Oct-Nov) and "Christmas Group Show" (Dec)
2013    Group show (Jan)
2013    "Plein Air at Arlington Garden" Pasadena-area galleries (April)
2013    Recent Work –(3 painters )- opening Sept 14, 2013

2008–2013 (ongoing)    Art Resources Gallery, Denver CO

2012    "It Runs in the Family" Del Rey Gallery, Alexandria, VA

2011    "L.A. River - Different Views" curated by Karen Black, Rose Café, Venice
2012    "Boxes of Flowers" curated by Karen Black, Rose Café, Venice

2010–2011    South Pasadena Arts Council (SPARC) 909 Gallery, Liz Reday and C. Money, Curators & exhibitors

Also exhibited at: Serpentine Gallery, London; Commonwealth Gallery, London; UC Irvine, CA; Miriam Perlman Gallery, Chicago; William S. Hart Museum, Santa Clarita, CA; Ronald Reagan Library, Simi Valley, CA; Olaf Wieghorst Museum, El Cajon, CA; Water Mill Museum, New York; Howard/Mandeville Gallery, Seattle, WA; Hilligoss Galleries, Chicago IL; National Arts Foundation, Chicago, IL; Joyous Lake Gallery, Pinetop, Az; Royal Academy Summer Show, London; Royal College of Art, London; Bradford Biennale, U.K.; Langton Gallery, London; Kerry Schu Gallery, Muth Interpretive Center and Newport Harbor Nautical Museum, Newport Beach, CA

Rosenbaum Fine Art, Florida; Ray Stock Fine Art, Minnesota; Woody Slaymaker Fine Art, Chicago; Fidelity Fine Art, Los Angeles, and Ted Schwartz Fine Art, Colorado.

A quartet of "Battersea Power Station" etchings still hang in The Who sound studio, London. 

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