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Weinberg, Bruce_Original Works on Paper #1

Weinberg, Bruce_Original Works on Paper #1

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Original Works on Paper #1
Year Published: 1990
Paper Size: 24" x 36"
Paper: Pigmented Handmade Paper
Publisher: Fidelity Arts
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    Bruce Weinberg began his papermaking process by preparing pulp made from cotton linters (fibers). The cotton linters are placed in a vat with water and beaten with a powerfull mixer so that the fibers separate and evenly disperse into the water. The artist then mixed color pigments into each of a series of vats of pulp so that he had a group of colors to make his paper with. Handled expressively, the freeflowing pulps are poured onto a special table (sometimes into shaped forms) where they blend together. Further, the artist may choose to inbed materials such as thread, fiber, irridescent powder or metallic leaf into the pulp. The table is then sealed and a vacumn removes the water from the pulp leaving behind a sheet of beau
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